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A tradition of knowledge, passed down and enriched since 1973.


A tradition of knowledge,
passed down and enriched since 1973.

Beggining in raw material production
and founding developments

André Truchi has been leading the Société Grassoise de Parfumerie since he founded it with his father Paul-Étienne, in 1973.

Paul-Étienne Truchi started working at the age of 15 in the largest perfumery company in Grasse. In love with physics, mathematics, and chemistry, at 32, he decided to pursue the degrees that his early entry into the workforce had put aside. Having graduated from the School of Chemistry in Marseille, he returned to Grasse, to the company that had given him his first chance.

When André Truchi informed him of his intention to create his own company specializing in raw material production, Paul-Étienne, then retired, offered to accompany him for a few years. They worked side by side for 33 years.

Photos d’époque : Les locaux historiques de la Société Grassoise de Parfumerie avant le rachat par André & Paul-Étienne Truchi.

The first plot of land bought in Grasse is still the SGP2 site today.
The first productions were on a laboratory pilot scale. The acquisition of more substantial equipment and the construction of buildings paved the way for chemical reactions on a larger scale.

In 1986, the acquisition of a Grasse-based company, J.B. Selin & Miquelis, significantly augmented raw material production. This site became SGP1, where the raw material activity was maintained until 2001.

Since then, the SGP1 site houses the administrative center, the perfume concentrate production center, the raw material packaging workshop, and one of the two research and development laboratories.

Beginnings in perfume composition
& continued development in raw materials.

In 1988, the Société Grassoise de Parfumerie took a decisive second turn: the activity of raw material production was complemented by perfume composition.
In 1991, the acquisition of the company Etudes & Diffusions Olfactives reinforced the development of this activity.
In 1997, raw material production activity also continued its development thanks to the acquisition of a Grasse-based production site, which became SGP3, a technological benchmark.

About société grassoise de parfumerie

société grassoise de parfumerie

Key dates

  • 1973
    Société Grassoise de Parfumerie founded by André Truchi & his father Paul-Étienne Truchi.
  • 1986
    Acquisition of J.B. Selin & Miquelis, becoming SGP1, significantly completing raw materials production.
  • 1988
    Perfume composition is added to raw materials production.
  • 1991
    Acquisition of Etudes & Diffusions Olfactives, strengthening the perfume creation business.
  • 1997
    Acquisition of a production site in Grasse which becomes SGP3, continuing the development of the raw materials production activity. SGP3 is a technological benchmark.
  • 2005
    Implementation of Grasse French Perfume in the United Arab Emirates.
  • 2021
    Implementation of French Perfume in the United States.

An intact Grassois identity
& international development

Société grassoise de Parfumerie

Grasse, France

SGP1 • SGP2 • SGP3 / Production de matières premières & composition de parfums

Grasse French Perfume

Émirats Arabes Unis

Site de production de composition de parfums

French Perfume


Site de production de composition de parfums

The three Grasse sites — SGP1, SGP2, and SGP3 — continue to be the cradle of Société Grassoise de Parfumerie’s expertise in raw material production and perfume composition.

The global recognition of this expertise led us to establish two perfume composition production sites on other continents: the first, Grasse French Perfume, was set up in the United Arab Emirates in 2005, and the second, French Perfume, was created in the United States in 2021.

Moreover, these two sites are a testament to our commitment to knowledge transfer, as they are led by André Truchi’s children. Audrey Truchi leads Grasse French Perfume in the Emirates, her brother Benjamin takes care of business relations, and Sébastien leads French Perfume in the United States.

Société grassoise de Parfumerie

Grasse, France

SGP1 • SGP2 • SGP3 / Raw material production and perfume composition

Grasse French Perfume

United Arab Emirates

Perfume composition production site

French Perfume


Perfume composition production site
international development

Our philosophy

A commitment
to our independence

Since its foundation by André and Paul-Étienne Truchi, Société Grassoise de Parfumerie has relied on family governance. Our independence is both a factor of stability and a real driver of our development. The longevity of Société Grassoise de Parfumerie is a rarity in raw material production on a European scale. Our family governance, which involves a short decision-making chain, is also a guarantee of strong reactivity and adaptability to our customers’ demands.

A commitment to our human heritage

Through the history of Société Grassoise de Parfumerie, the place that knowledge transfer occupies as a founding act, our teams constitute a human heritage of prime importance. We believe that talent and commitment should be offered opportunities for progression. Virginie Fernandez is the perfect embodiment of this. She joined the company in the early 90s and became the General Manager twenty years later. Other employees have worked for several decades within the company, or even their entire career.
Our philosophy

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