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  • Société Grassoise de Parfumerie 12, boulevard Pasteur BP 82103 06131 GRASSE Cedex
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High-tech equipment
and the capacity to meet every demand.


High-tech equipment
and the capacity to meet every demand.

An expanded catalogue
and customized work.

The raw materials produced by Société Grassoise de Parfumerie are of three types: essential oil isolates obtained by fractionation, essential oil derivatives obtained by hemisynthesis, and molecules improved by molecular distillation. These raw materials are intended for perfume composition and food flavor production.

We offer a broad catalog of molecules as well as custom work, or tolling: a customer provides us with a container of essential oil which we transform according to their request.

The large array of high-tech equipment that the company possesses, the absolute mastery of these advanced devices, our demands and our know-how play a crucial role in the quality of our production, and the consistency of this quality.

Catalogue and customized work

Essential oil isolates

Essential oil isolates are entirely natural products, as they are free from chemical reactions. They are obtained from essential oils placed in large-capacity distillation columns. The constituent(s) thus separated then undergo several operations to produce pure isolates.

Our SGP3 site notably includes three Sulzer distillation columns, with boilers with a capacity of 3000 liters. These columns stand out for their diameter and the height of their BX type packing: 14 meters, a technological achievement in the field of essential oil fractionation. To preserve production from thermal degradation, distillation is performed at a reduced temperature, in an environment maintained under partial vacuum by falling film exchanger.

Essentail oil derivates

An essential oil isolate can be modified by adding hydrogen atoms, carbon atoms, etc. This process is called hemisynthesis.

The essential oil derivative obtained using this process is characterized by properties different from those of the isolate used, in terms of smell or aroma. We have traditional stainless steel reactors, as well as vitrified De Dietrich reactors for acidic reactions. Our vacuum fractionation columns also contribute to the production of the highest quality essential oil derivatives.

Improved molecules

Before being used as a raw material, a molecule may require improvement, whether for purification, decolorization, or deodorization. The technique consists of molecular distillation. It requires perfect mastery of devices using cutting-edge technology.

Molecular distillation is one of the skills of Société Grassoise de Parfumerie : we have two UIC molecular distillation devices, one for productions in small quantities, the other for industrial quantity productions.

Société grassoise de Parfumerie - Expertise création

Respect for the environment as a guiding principle.

The founder and leader of Société Grassoise de Parfumerie, André Truchi’s attachment to the exceptional Grasse region, between sea and mountain, has anchored respect for the environment as a guiding principle of the company since its foundation in 1973.

We strive to be exemplary in terms of respecting standards and reusing valuable remnants.

Chemical waters from reactions are checked daily. They undergo extensive treatment to comply with particularly demanding standards when sent into the industrial water network. Effluents that cannot be handled by the industrial water network are collected in stainless steel tanks and managed by approved organizations which then entrust them to approved destruction centers.

Our distillation columns’ high fractionation capacity allows us to sort and reuse almost absolutely everything that is valuable. Non-valuable remnants, in tiny quantities, are analyzed, packaged, and entrusted to approved destruction centers.

Respect for the environment

Safety, a daily diligence.

In conjunction with the Regional Directorate for Environment, Planning, and Housing (DREAL), Société Grassoise de Parfumerie ensures the strict compliance with safety standards on its raw material production sites, SGP2 and SGP3, daily.

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