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A commitment firmly
rooted in quality.


A commitment firmly rooted in quality.

Our commitment begins with sourcing.

Our commitment to quality starts with meticulous selection of the essential oils we use.

We source essential oils extracted by hydrodistillation from plants, shrubs, or trees, such as clove trees in Madagascar or vetiver in Haiti (thus, all our products are completely vegan.)

We ensure to have a thorough understanding of our producers and their working methods. That’s why we regularly visit essential oil production sites.

Furthermore, we carefully control the olfactory quality of the essential oils we receive.

Société grassoise de Parfumerie - Production

Investment in high-tech as a guiding principle.

Since its foundation, Société Grassoise de Parfumerie consistently and significantly invests in state-of- the-art technology, such as Sulzer packing vacuum fractionation columns, or UIC molecular distillation equipment.

Having a complete range of advanced devices allows us to carry out all stages of production of our raw materials, whether essential oil isolates, essential oil derivatives, or molecules enhanced by molecular distillation.
Additionally, our equipment fleet gives us considerable flexibility regarding quantities produced. Thus, we can promptly respond to our customers’ demands.

Our expertise ensures full mastery of this fleet of high-performance devices. It is also constantly evolving, as we are committed to continuously improving our manufacturing processes.

Société Grassoise de Parfumerie - contrôle qualité
Quality control,
a preeminent guarantee
Ensuring the highest production quality, with every delivery to our customers, demands an unwavering commitment to two parameters: physicochemical quality and olfactory quality.

The joint control of these two parameters is crucial. On one hand, what may seem like a minor deviation in physicochemical quality can significantly impact the olfactory quality. On the other hand, achieving high physicochemical quality does not guarantee the best olfactory quality.

The expertise of Société Grassoise de Parfumerie, in both raw materials and perfume composition, is a considerable asset: we can conduct the most accurate control of physicochemical quality, as well as olfactory quality.

SGP2 and SGP3 sites both feature a control and analysis laboratory. Our equipment allows us to cover the full spectrum of physicochemical control: refractometers, polarimeters, densimeters, flash point, gas chromatographs, mass spectrographs… As for our olfactory controls, they rely on the excellence of human judgement. They are supported by a panel of 5 experienced individuals.

Société Grassoise de Parfumerie - contrôle qualité
Quality control
Société grassoise de Parfumerie - Expertise création

Research to prepare for the future

Société Grassoise de Parfumerie has two research and development laboratories located at its SGP1 and SGP3 sites.

Our laboratories play an important role in improving our manufacturing processes. They also respond to our ambition to study the development of new molecules with unique organoleptic properties.

With this in mind, we form research partnerships with university research laboratories, aspiring to enrich academic knowledge and lead to their use for consumer benefit.

research laboratories

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